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Maersk Global Service Centres INDIA Pvt Ltd - Shipping Companies in Mumbai

Maersk Global Service Centres India has a wide range of services that gives you precise and on time delivery to any part of the world. It is one of the modes of transportation for all the bulk goods and consignments that need to be handled with care. It has vessels and containers that can be used to deliver various products and consignments with safety and durability. It also provides refrigerated service that can be used to transport perishable products like vegetable and fruits to various parts of the world. They also provide special cargo services that can be used for the transportation of heavy duty products like automobiles, rail rakes and yachts. The company takes care of the legal procedures and makes sure that all your products reach the destination on time. They have the best tools and containers to make sure that the delivery is safe and sound while on the move.

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