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Give your body the gift of good health. Experience a ‘fit you’ like never before. At Sadguru’s Mission Fitness, we provide tailor-made fitness regimes that ensure complete fitness. This is achieved using the most advanced fitness equipment and under the trained eyes of our experts. From diet to drills, our workout sessions take a holistic approach towards your well-being covering every aspect of your health. A robust body lends confidence, improves metabolism and reflects in the overall glow of your skin. To sum it up, we exercise our skills to ensure that you walk out healthier and happier. Sadguru’s Mission Fitness has branches at Dongri and a newly commissioned outlet at Chembur. The Resistance Studio offers an extensive range of single station machines and free-weight including multi hip, leg extension, abductor, leg curl, leg press for lower body; shoulder press, pec deck, chest / tricep press, lat pulldown, seated cable row, weighted ab crunch, preacher curl etc. for upper body; bench press with Olympic bar and plates, 2 full sets of dumbbells, power rack / cage with Olympic bar, punch bag & mitts, etc. for free-weight. Our state-of-the-art Cardio Studio is equipped with technically advanced equipment including the finest of treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, recumbent / upright / spinning bikes, rowers and upper body ergo meters for effective upper and lower body cardio workouts. Special attention is given to the maintenance of each and every machine to ensure you a trouble free workout. This technological superiority coupled with a de-stressing atmosphere and expert guidance makes exercising at Sadguru’s Mission Fitness an enjoyable experience. Working out in the gym does not guarantee good health. It has to be complemented with a proper diet. Hence, we employ a special team of nutritionists who offer the best health advice to all our customers. It is imperative to understand the right intake time for the right type of food. The quantity is also of extreme importance when consuming these foods. Our nutritionists answer these questions and more to achieve the best possible outcome. In addition to this, our in-house health foods store Nutri Café supplies you with all the much needed health supplements to ensure maximum fitness. Testimony to our holistic approach towards achieving complete fitness is our special Yoga classes. Since time immemorial, Yoga has proved to be the ultimate bridge in attaining mental and physical harmony. It brings peace to your soul like no other and helps you stay fit over a longer period of time. Our Yoga teachers teach you the various ‘aasans’ aimed at revitalizing your senses and reducing stress, thus energising your mind and body. The best part is, you are never too young or too old to reap the health benefits of Yoga.

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