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2002 marks the beginning of ST FITNESS GYMNASIUM in AAMCHI MUMBAI. ST Fitness synonyms with SCIENTIFIC TRAINING by SACHIN TIWARI. We have a vision for creating healthy lifestyle for everyone resulting in betterment of human society. For this we are undertaking mission of helping every individual within our ST FAMILY. Our team has been consistently working with their vision since 2002 and has achieved success for the same. Sachin Sir and his team are now looking forward to challenge the current scenario and help more people get healthier lifestyle at affordable prices. To challenge current scenario our team of fitness experts will make lifestyle modification rather than temporary changes which happens with most of the people enrolling in gyms. Thereby we request each and everyone to join us and lead a healthier life for your family ultimately leading to betterment of human society. We have the solution to make it happen for you! Our training facility is a place where people come to get fit, lose weight, learn to exercise the right way, live better, eat healthier, supplement properly and fee they way you always wanted to! In fact, all this is part of every program. No fads. No gimmicks. Just real world in-the-trenches science! How do we do that? By providing you with solutions and comprehensive integrated programs. This means customized training, nutrition and meal planning, and proper supplementation. We build these into a plan-of-action that incorporates cardiovascular and resistance training, flexibility/mobility training, and professional coaching all wrapped up in one complete plan specifically designed for you!

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