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Tierra Tours And Travels Pvt Ltd

Tierra is an online travel agency in mumbai that crafts tailor-made itineraries for its discerning clientele. The firm specialises in creating bespoke vacations in the world’s most exciting destinations. Clients range from individuals to small groups and corporate entities.

Rupal G Shukla launched the company in 2011 after travelling extensively as a chartered accountant for Deloitte, Bank of America, and KPMG. Lacklustre experiences with local domestic travel agencies inspired her to create a company that puts the customer first.

Rupal’s unwavering passion for travel and entrepreneurship has seen Tierra evolve into a sought-after bespoke travel provider. And despite its rapid growth, Rupal still personally signs off on every itinerary her company sells.

Tierra puts the client’s desires at the forefront to redefine the entire travel experience:

a) A low-cost pricing model: Tierra works hand in hand with a wide network of local operators across 120 countries. These strategic alliances allow Tierra to obtain wholesale rates on hotels and tours, which it passes on to the client for serious savings.

b) Quality travel advice: Tierra only employs veteran travel agents who love to explore and can provide tailor-made advice based on their own real-world experience.

c) Local support services: Tierra boasts an extensive support network of over 50 travel partners who operate in 125 countries.

d) A focus on travel experiences: Tierra doesn’t just create itineraries; it offers unique travel experiences that dig beneath the surface for an authentic insight into each destination.

e) A focus on the client: Tierra builds its loyal client base by selling what’s best for you rather than what pays the most commission.

Nobody else in the travel industry can deliver on the above.

We thrive on face-to-face interaction and invite you to book an appointment with one of our friendly travel professionals.

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